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            Intelligent control

            Product name£ºAn avalanche diode (vehicle) electrical characteristic test system

            Add£ºNo. 550 Jindi Road, Wucheng District, Jinhua

            Prev£ºTest system of rectifier bridge DVB-S4
            Next£ºTransient thermal resistance test system for automobile diode
            Product information

            Product Name: Avalanche Diode (Automotive) electrical characteristic test system   number£ºDVK-51A

            System introduction:
            The system is used for testing, screening and recording statistics of breakdown voltage VBR and leakage current IRRM at the same time. V is suitable for testing the electrical characteristic tester of automobile avalanche rectifier and common rectifying tube.
            1. High degree of automation
            1. To realize automatic feeding, automatic testing, screening of files and automatic recording of data.
            2, test the breakdown voltage VBR and leakage current IRRM at the same time, greatly improve production efficiency.
            3, 24 file screening can be set by users themselves
            Two. High precision of measurement
            1, VBR precision: + 0.01V; IRRM precision: + 0.5nA
            Three. Fast test speed
            1. The period of data sampling is 1US, and the test period is less than 1s
            Four. High repeatability
            1, repeatability: > 98%
            Technical indicators (avalanche diodes):

            Technical index (avalanche diode)£º

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