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            Intelligent control

            Product name£ºTest system of rectifier bridge DVB-S4

            Add£ºNo. 550 Jindi Road, Wucheng District, Jinhua

            Prev£ºTransient thermal resistance test system for automobile diode
            Product information

            Product Name: rectifying bridge test system number£ºDVB-S4

            System introduction:
            The system is used to test, select and record the 4 parameters of the collapse voltage VBR and the leakage current IRRM of the rectifier bridge, the forward voltage drop VFm and the transient thermal resistance Delta VF, which are used to test, screen and record statistics. You can also test only 2 parameters, and the test items are optional.
            By replacing the test mold, it can be applied to various types of rectifier bridge tests.
            1. High degree of automation
            1. The intelligent testing system software based on PC is equipped. It is convenient to carry out parameters such as parameter setting, system calibration, test monitoring, data recording and so on. The breakdown voltage VBR and leakage current IRRM are tested at the same time, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
            2. At most, 4 parameters can be tested at the same time (VBR, IRRM, VFm, VF).
            3. It is suitable for all kinds of rectification bridge test
            Two. High precision of measurement
            1, VBR precision: + 0.01V; IRRM precision: + 0.5nA
            2, VFm precision: + 0.001V; Delta VF precision: + 0.3mV
            Three. The test speed is fast.
            1. Complete testing, screening, grading and recording of all parameters in 10s.
            Technical indicators:

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